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OutDigit has developed a wide range of business solutions that share a common and unified platform for web-based applications and services.

By using the OpenServices architecture, OutDigit can build, deploy and customize enterprise business solutions such as Intranets, portals and other complex network applications faster and cheaper than its competitors.

OutDigit's internet-enabled solutions are targeted to three different sectors:

CMS        CRM   
Marketing        Email   
Document        Commerce   
Billing        Traffic   
WorkFlow        Collaboration   
HR        Integration   
Intranet        Provider   
Search        Web Services   



Corporate solutions require an additional development and customisation effort which is unattainable by mainstream products or solutions. The OpenServices platform and its tools allow us to accomplish in an efficient way the following project requirements:

OutDigit's past work with telecom operators, banks and IT consulting groups together has allowed us to leverage our company experience in the following areas:


Small Business

OutDigit has developed a mainstream business solution that delivers a highly customisable, low cost Intranet service network to the small business and professional sector.

InternetSuite is an Intranet Business Suite that delivers online business applications and services through a simple and customized web interface.

Desktop main strengths lie in:



Internet Providers

OutDigit delivers innovative technologies and solutions for the Internet provider and telecom sector. OutDigit strengths in the telecom sector lie in the use of a common web platform of integrated applications and services, the use of open technologies and standards as well as a rigorous software engineering process.

OutDigit Provider solutions are customised in to 3 flavours:

In the Telecom sector, OutDigit brings together the functional understanding of the telecom business along with the combined technological background of internal areas of expertise in Networking, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Dependability. Telecom solutions cover the whole lifecycle, from planning and analysis, to design, development, integration and maintenance.

Solutions, include, but are not limited to:

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